The joint philosophy of Taiyo Group was recently announced in celebration of its 100th anniversary.

Make the world more flexible. Create a brighter future.

Taiyo Kogyo Corporation was involved in large-scale membrane architecture (tent architecture), civil engineering, and logistic products, TSP Taiyo was involved in event consulting, and ACTIO was involved in event and facility operation, jointly held the group event “ONE TAIYO EXPO” on December 22 and 23, 2023, at the Tokyo International Forum to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the company. At the event, attended by 2,294 people, including customers, stakeholders, and employees, a new Group philosophy was announced to the employees: “Make the world more flexible. Create a brighter future.”

The Ideas Behind the Group Philosophy

The Taiyo Group aims not only to meet the challenges of our customers through our tents, events, and facility management but also to be a corporate group that contributes to “making the world more flexible and creating a brighter future ” through our respective businesses. Today, the world is becoming increasingly divided, with each side placing priority on its interests. Discrimination, war, conflict, and poverty. We, the Taiyo Group, hope to “make the world more flexible” and “create a brighter future”.

Key visual of the Sun Group’s philosophy

“Creating an artificial mountain range made from membranes in the desert. The mountains will make it rain, and a city can be built.” The giant membrane and city built in the desert depict the landscape the Taiyo Group hopes to achieve together. A city is created through a combination of hardware and software. We want to create a city where people can live lively lives and be surrounded by smiles, by combining the power of Taiyo Kogyo’s architecture, TSP’s events, and ACTIO’s facility management. This goal can only be realized by the Taiyo Group, with the ability to work side by side, from planning to establishment.

The Taiyo Group was founded in 1922 as Nomura Tent Shokai, and later reestablished with a single sewing machine and a pair of scissors amidst the burnt ruins of the postwar period. The company has created unique products that take advantage of the characteristics of membrane materials. In 1970, Taiyo was contracted to build a large-scale pavilion for the Osaka World’s Fair, bringing the membrane technology to full bloom. In addition, TSP Taiyo and ACTIO branched out as companies as Taiyo Kogyo expanded its business domain, forming the three companies of the group, which originated from Nomura Tent Shokai, and has grown into a group with total sales of 74 billion yen.

Since 2022, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the group’s founding, we have been active in planning activities to strengthen cooperation among the three group companies, including creating synergies through exchanging human resources and joint social contribution activities. Taiyo Kogyo for membrane technology, TSP Taiyo for event production and consulting, and ACTIO for event and facility management aim to make further progress as a group by continuing to pursue the possibilities of membranes, space, and experiences while enhancing synergy.

Group Philosophy

We began formulating our group philosophy in 2022, the 100th anniversary of our founding. Approximately 522 employees of the Group, including directors of all Group companies as well as employees of overseas affiliates, participated in the formulation of the Group Philosophy, as well as the Purpose, Vision, and Values that express “Why do we exist for society and people? The English versions of the statements and messages, including the Purpose and Values, were created in parallel with the Japanese versions, and are expected to contribute to fostering a sense of unity among the Group’s overseas affiliates as well.

Taiyo Group’s 100th anniversary special page renewed

In conjunction with the formulation of the Group Philosophy, the Group’s special website for the 100th anniversary of its founding was renewed. The new site features a 106-second video depicting the Group’s philosophy statement in visual form.